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Designer Jewellery

The way of keeping memories alive


Designer Jewelry

Lover Of Sparkle And Dazzle, Beautiful They May Be, Glitters Are Not Gold.

Finding ourselves pondering on the question, TICINO PARIS – an award-winning company is desire to create something lasting and a memory that able to pass on. It was then; one of the twinkles of a Swarovski Crystals caught our eyes.

Curiously, as if the star has fallen we picked it up and the idea of an everlasting star comes to mind. TICINO PARIS turns attention to these precious of stone, and start creating own beautiful, unique, personal adornment.

In fact, as a recognized reseller of Swarovski Crystals becharmed, we can guarantee that every meticulously handcrafted piece from our Swarovski Crystals becharmed collection is encrusted with 100% genuine Swarovski Crystals.

Swarovski Crystal Becharmed Collections

Our showstopping pieces are carefully handcrafted to make hearts flutter, with every sparkle designed to impress. Make no mistake; the Swarovski Crystals becharmed collection is tailored to add that extra charm to any ensemble. These elegant yet outstanding pieces boast of impeccable craftsmanship, the perfect finishing touch to make a head-turning entrance. You can even mix and match our pieces, creating a style that’s uniquely your own. Just imagine, owning the spotlight! After all, why fit in, when you were born to stand out? Besides being stunningly beautiful, the Swarovski Crystals becharmed is designed with functionality and flexibility in mind. Your pieces can be worn as bracelets or pendants – a worthwhile investment in any woman’s closet.

Designer Fashion Jewelry Collections

At TICINO PARIS, we understand how important even the simplest rings are to our customers which are why we meticulously craft each and every piece in our Designer Fashion Jewelry Collection by hand. In fact, you can be sure that each design you see in our collection will be received first hand from our designers to our customers themselves.

These exquisite handcrafted adornments aren’t just made to look authentic, they’re affordable too. Because we believe that true style shouldn’t have to come at a hefty price. Each piece from our Designer Fashion Jewelry Collection is carefully coated with 18K real gold with silver base, adding a shine of Zircon to our already jaw-dropping designs. We’ve also created a ton of varieties in this collection to spoil you with choice.

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After Sales Services

We like keeping things fresh which is why we stock our shelves with new arrivals every month. Trust us, you’ll never run out of choices whenever you visit our stores! It’s almost like entering a glittering candy store because we believe that great service shouldn’t stop after your purchase, we provide free polishing for life to keep your beautiful jewelry sparkly and new, long after your purchase.

Join us with TICINO PARIS Club membership entitles you to trade-in TICINO PARIS Designer Fashion Jewelry and upgrade to a new fashionable piece.

Our Retail Advisors are happy to assists!

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